our mission

Establishing trust and confidence is the heart of the relationship and key to our success as construction management professionals. Buettner, Inc. strives to build this trust and earns confidence by conducting all our services with integrity, consistency and dedication. 


How we achieve your trust & confidence

  • We represent no other interest in the project except yours.

  • We diligently administer contract agreements our clients will establish with design professionals and contractors.

  • We assist you and the design team in developing the tightest set of bid, construction and contract documents possible.

  • We protect against design decisions that impact your budget unnecessarily.

  • We guard against unsubstantiated claims and change order requests from contractors and encourage creative solutions to unusual situations during the construction process.

  • We keep you informed during any and all changes and decisions altering the original intent of the construction documents.

  • We close out the project verifying our clients have received all due warranties, training, Operations and Maintenance Manuals and we assemble project archive documents for safe storage.

  • Our sole purpose is to help you successfully manage your capital projects as efficiently and cohesively as possible.



Mr. Buettner is highly organized, easy to get along with and knows the construction trade better than any other construction manager we have ever utilized.
— Ron Prince, Fire Chief City of Santa Cruz