We have your best interest

Unlike any other commissioned professional on your team, your Construction Manager is charged with no other task than to represent you and your agency’s interests throughout the project development and construction process. We are your ears, eyes, and voice in the field and provide leadership for the rest of the project team. Below are testimonials of previous clients who have benefited from our construction services.


Tony Buettner has been involved in our new branch plant project in Elko, Nevada for several months. During that time he has consistently demonstrated a desire and ability to protect the interests of Pacific Steel & Recycling, while moving the project forward. Anticipating and solving potential problems before they reach crisis levels is key to this process and one of Tony’s strong points. Maintaining a high level of professionalism through consistency and thorough documentation has served to raise the level of expectations for all parties involved.

Holding parties accountable to a high standard, while team building and forming a strong working relationship with contractors and ownership, require a number of key skills. Tony has proven worthy of that trust. I would not hesitate to recommend Tony as a construction manager for any project the County has pending, his knowledge and professionalism has proven valuable throughout our project.
— Kelly Wilson Branch Manager, Pacific Steel & Recycling

I would like to commend Tony Buettner of Buettner, Inc., for his professionalism and attention to detail when handling the management of the construction projects for Spring Creek Utilities Company in 2008. Mr. Buettner’s knowledge and experience in handling contractors and engineers is always apparent and there is no doubt that he represents the owner’s interests to the best of his abilities at all times. I highly recommend his services to those looking for assistance with project organization, contract management, and field-activity monitoring.
— Elise V. Hoover Regional Manager, Spring Creek Utilities Company

Mr. Tony Buettner was hired to assist the Spring Creek Association with two construction projects in 2007 that required expertise the Association did not have. The projects were a handicap complaint restroom facility at the Marina and major roof repair at the Horse Palace.

We attempted to do these projects on our own initially with no success. Mr. Buettner was hired to take these projects on and had them handled in a very short time and within the budget that had been established. He handled the bidding process, contracts with contractors and managed timeframes for completion.

We were very pleased with Mr. Buettner’s work with these projects that were completed on time and within budget. Our restroom facility actually came in under budget and is an outstanding facility. I have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Buettner for any construction management project. He is professional, timely and communicates well with all parties involved. I will not hesitate to hire him for future projects in Spring Creek.
— Pam Borda President and General Manager, Spring Creek Utilities Company

This is a strong letter of recommendation for ACE Construction Management Services. Principal Tony Buettner served as the City of Santa Cruz Fire Department Facilities Modernization Program Manager over the course of our projects (2000-2001), which involved four sites, with a budget of $5.4 million. He is very detail oriented, understands and promotes value engineering and represents his client interests in a very comprehensive manner. Mr. Buettner is highly organized, easy to get along with and knows the construction trade better than any construction manager we have ever utilized.

I would not hesitate to provide further details of our experience with this firm upon request. My phone number is 831/420-5280.
— Ron Prince Fire Chief, City of Santa Cruz

Dear Gentleperson,

Please receive this letter as my way of recommending Tony Buettner. My duties as Deputy Police Chief gave me firsthand knowledge of Tony’s abilities as Construction Manager during the completion of the new Santa Cruz Police Facility. Tony worked for Strategic Construction Management, contracted by the City of Santa Cruz to complete the final punch list, remediation of various construction problems and coordinating additional not-in-contract work. I was the project coordinator for the Police Department during all phases of planning and construction.

From early 2000 to July 20, 2001, I worked closely with Tony on a number of issues. I found him to be very dependable, knowledgeable and helpful. He has a good personality, which made it easy to communicate the needs of the Police Department. He is a good problem solver and was always available to respond in a timely manner to any issue I had. He worked well with subcontractors and made sure the City got value for its money. The Police Department was very please with Tony’s work. I recommend Tony highly and wish him success in the future.

If I can be of further assistance, I can be contacted at (831) 420-5814.
— Sincerely, David N. Larson Deputy Police Chief

Oscar Larson & Associates recently retained the services of Tony Buettner of Buettner, Inc. to assist us with managing six concurrent construction projects. The projects included two welded steel water storage tank projects and four pipeline projects. The construction costs were $4 million. Mr. Buettner functioned as our on-site liaison and document manager. With six projects proceeding concurrently, there were numerous times where Mr. Buettner had to take the lead and direct our inspection team.

I respect Mr. Buettner’s honesty and dedication to his clients. He is always looking for the best for his clients and demanding that the contractors perform. I would recommend Mr. Buettner for any construction project. He has a breadth of experience and is a quick learner if needed. Anyone retaining his services will be pleased.
— Ed Marlow President, Oscar Larson & Associates